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About us

GR Cases have been producing pedal board and flight case solutions for 21 years and was born from, as a working musician, the frustration of not being able to get what I wanted, when I wanted it.

It started life as "Fast Flights", USP : "I can turn around cases / boards to your spec very quickly".

The USP is still the same but owing to the fact that I was too often getting requests for cheap excursions to Bangkok, Berlin or Hong Kong, I changed the name to Guardroom (GR) Cases.

We specialise in bespoke one-off solutions for musicians who have the desire to be at the top of their game and as such  have produced work for many top players across the years, too many to mention them all but Guthrie Govan being the latest in a long line, Jamiroquai, John Wesley, Paul Stacey, Aziz Ibrahim, Larry Carlton, Nick Barret, Tim Stone, Cullum McColl and Macabees Nick Ferris being a few of the others.

There are rigs we've built on stages in the West End, and several traveling the planet at any one time.

My mantra is if you can think of it I can build it, and as I started life as an aircraft engineer, did an exacting apprenticeship, and for a few years, solving problems in far flung places around the world - few things faze me.

Pedal Board set ups are our specialty, so cabling, switching, looms and the supply of all the associated hardware are very much on the menu.

Mal Chapman. Owner and Pedal Board Guru !

custom pedalboards
• built to your design & dimensions
• complete hand-wired setups
• total power solutions

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flight cases
• standard sizes
• built to your own dimensions
• studio equipment, PA, instruments

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custom cases
• built to your design & dimensions
• custom solutions

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